Buying Wholesale Fruit And Veg – A Guide For The Thrifty Fruit Lover

If you are looking to save time, money, and stress, buying wholesale fruit and veg is a no-brainer.

Purchasing fruits on a one-by-one basis just isn’t worth it.

However, there is one small problem…

How do you actually buy wholesale fruit and veg?

While getting started on this lifestyle, I’m sure you’ve heard about how great buying fruit in cases is. People like Mike Vlasity show off their produce haul, and when you hear about how good the deals are, you desperately wish you could get the same.

I’ve been on this fruit-based lifestyle since January 2011, and I’ve gained a lot of experience in buying wholesale fruit and veg. I have found there to be 2 main ways that you can buy wholesale fruit and veg, and to help you out, I’m going to go through each:

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1. Purchasing Wholesale Fruit And Veg From Supermarkets

Evenwholesale fruit and veg though 99.999% of customers buy their food one-by-one at supermarkets, you’ll be surprised with how many stores will actually let you buy by the case. If they sell you a whole case of bananas for example, they are taking out the need to sell 24 separate bunches of bananas. That is far less work for the store, and in the end beneficial for both them and you. In my experience I have almost always received a 10% discount since I am buying wholesale fruit and veg, so this is definitely a good option.

How do you go about buying cases of fruit from supermarkets?

At first I tried going through email, which was a terrible idea. I got almost no responses back, and it was just incredibly tedious to get everything setup.

After trying a few different methods, I’ve realized in-person interactions are the way to go. For supermarkets, simply go up to someone working in the produce section, and ask them to bring you a case of bananas (or whatever fruit you want). If they are hesitant, just ask to speak with their manager, and tell him/her what you want.

As long as you don’t act like a jerk, most people are willing to help you out and go get you your fruit.

I use to do this method every week at Whole Foods, and I never had a single problem. The people working in the produce section were happy to get me a case or two of bananas, and have even offered to switch some out if I wanted some green and some yellow.

When you do buy cases of fruit from supermarkets, you are definitely going to get some interesting conversations with cashiers.
Be an awesome person and treat others well, and you will get the same back. I got to know some of the people working at produce/cashiers and every time I went I had a good time chatting.

Shopping at supermarkets is great since you get up to 10% off, and you can still buy certain foods in smaller quantities. However the real deals come from buying at Wholesalers.

2. Wholesalers

wholesale fruit and vegWholesalers are businesses that sell cases of food to supermarkets and other businesses. Because of this the prices you get from them are always going to be cheaper than in stores.

When trying to buy wholesale fruit and veg you have 2 main problems.

Your first problem is finding a wholesaler near you.

The quickest and easiest way to find a wholesaler, is to search on the internet. Using the power of Google Maps, you can actually see where the closest wholesaler to you is. Open up Google Maps and type in: “fruit and vegetable wholesalers near [your address]”. You will be able to see any wholesalers near you who have put their business on google maps. This will show you how many fruit and vegetable wholesalers are near you and exactly where they are located. Who could ask for more?

Your second problem is that most wholesalers tend to only sell to businesses. I have actually found a couple of wholesalers who have sold to me without requiring a business name, but these aren’t as common.

Even if you don’t have a business though, buying wholesale fruit and veg is still possible. Depending on the wholesaler, they may just ask you for a business name, phone number, and address. A friend I know has put his personal phone number and home address with a company name, and is buying wholesale fruit and veg without problems. Some wholesalers don’t tend to be too picky about it, but make sure whatever you do is legal in your country.

Alternatively you can set-up a business to start buying wholesale fruit and veg and selling it to your neighbourhood. One of my friends living in Switzerland does this and is making some decent money as well as having access to great wholesale fruit and veg. This is a great way to start helping your community by providing everyone with affordable high-quality produce.

Once all of that is dealt with, you’ll be able to buy wholesale fruit and veg as much as you want! Prices from wholesalers can be up to 50% lower than in normal supermarkets.

I also recommend that you start to develop relationships with the people working at the wholesaler. Typically they will sell fruit that is about to go bad for 1/10th of the normal price, so don’t be afraid to ask. No one likes throwing away produce, so if you can take it off their hands, they’ll happily give you an insane discount on super ripe fruit.

Overall, buying wholesale fruit and veg isn’t all that hard. Take the steps I’ve laid out for you and I have no doubt you will be able to find a great place to buy your fruit in bulk. Enjoy the great savings, and the great fruit!

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