How To Stop Comfort Eating

Comfort eating is an issue that so many people face.

It can be extremely draining when you seem to be constantly bingeing on unhealthy foods.

The simple answer for how to stop comfort eating, is to face your emotions.

Comfort eating really just comes down to emotional eating. Society has trained us to look for quick fixes for every problem, so when emotions that we don’t like come up, all we want is the fastest way to get rid of them.

Digestion can take up to 70% of our energy, so it’s really no wonder why stuffing your face is such an effective way to suppress your emotions! Trying to confront your feelings with just 30% of your energy isn’t possible. We tend to feel sedated and the emotions seem to simply fall away.

The issue is that even though the emotions fall away, they never actually are treated. This means that these emotions that we are suppressing will still continually come up. If we eat to shut our emotions up every time, then a habit starts to form. For most people, this is a habit that has been going on for years of their life, and it really is no wonder why it is such a big problem to get over comfort eating.

In the video below I go over my experience with overcoming emotional eating and how to stop comfort eating/emotional eating today.

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