How To Stay Motivated On A Diet

The answer to how to stay motivated on a diet, is simply to ask questions.

This may seem a bit confusing, but let’s first go over how and why most people tend to motivate themselves to stay on a diet.

Typically after the few days of being on their new diet, the initial buzz/hyped up mood dies. The person realizes that this diet isn’t going to suddenly solve all of their life’s problems and make them super healthy after just a few days.

With the lack of immediate results that most diets promise, people tend to go back to their Health Guru and look for more motivational talks/lectures/videos/books in hope of regaining that hyped mood so that they can continue. Instead of inquiring and asking questions, the need for motivation tends to be because the person wants to succeed with the diet that they were told would help them succeed in life.

The issue with how to stay motivated on a diet, is that the very feeling of needing motivation, is a clear sign that something is missing. This may be because of one of several reasons; whether it be because of a lack of understanding of why the diet works, whether the diet even makes sense, how to apply the diet, or one of other countless possibilities. Each of these are completely valid areas to look into and you will learn a lot about why you are choosing your current diet.

Because there is a clear lack, no “motivational” speech or video is ever¬†going to keep you going long-term and help you succeed. If so, then what the heck is there to do to actually be motivated?

Watch the video below and find out exactly how to stay motivated on a diet by asking questions:

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