How To Open A Durian With Ease

How to open a Durian really is easier than you think!

When first confronting this spiky monster of a fruit, I’m sure it may look quite daunting.

Where does one even begin? Do you just cut it open just like an orange?

This is an issue that I know a lot of people face, and if you try searching on youtube, they rarely know how to open a Durian effectively.

Cutting it in half is most people’s first idea.

Sure that may sound like what you do with most fruit, but all that does is make it a big pain in the butt while eating.

So if we aren’t cutting the durian open in half, we need to start looking at exactly how to open a durian with ease.

To Find Out How To Open A Durian And What To Look For When Buying A Durian, Watch The Video Below:

After Watching This Video On How To Open A Durian:

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