Healthy Fruits To Eat For Abundant Energy

The key to having abundant energy is making sure you eat tons of fruits & vegetables!

I’m guessing you knew the answer already huh? 😉

This isn’t rocket science, however while browsing through the web, I often come across articles or videos that talk about the best healthy fruits to eat for [insert benefit here].

Whether it be abundant energy, clear skin, or better mood, people seem to always be looking for the latest and greatest super food or fruit that will solve all their problems!

To be honest, Durian fits that role pretty damn well 😉

healthy fruits to eat - durian

Kidding aside, it’s easy to get caught up in the mentality that says you should eat X fruit for Y benefit.

This kind of thinking is embellished in the raw food movement, especially with super foods. Fruits like Goji berries are marketed to be able help you perform better athletically, achieve deeper sleep, be more mentally sharp, and the list goes on. All of these are probably 100% true, but does that really make it a superfood?

Fruit is no doubt healthy, so as long as big companies spend a few dollars funding studies, they can get away with having legit evidence about why their superfood is so good for you.

In reality though, Goji berries are just berries. Sure, they have their list of amazing benefits and are a healthy fruit to eat, but if you ate large amounts of almost any fruit, you would feel just as amazing.

Since you did click on this article, I’m assuming you really are looking for how to have an abundance of energy. The answer is to simply become healthy.

We need to stay away from all of the hype of eating for specific benefits. This kind of thinking just causes us to keep chasing the latest fad, and never actually building our health.

Stick to the basics of health by eating a simple fruit and vegetable diet. Everyone knows fruits and vegetables are healthy, so why are we still so surprised when studies come out telling us how great they are?

Focus on eating a plethora of fruits and veggies, and everything will fall into place. Whether it be abundance of energy, losing weight, or just feeling great, these are all a part of being healthy.

No amount of reading of articles on “healthy fruits to eat to lose 50 lbs in 2 minutes” will grant you a quick fix. Health is cumulative, meaning you have to constantly be working on it and building it. Take responsibility and start working on your health today.

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