Fruit Festivals Of 2014

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Now that 2014 is here, it is the perfect time to start planning your travels.

There are a bunch of great Fruit Festivals going on, but I realized that there really is no good way to find them all.

To solve this problem, I’ve created a list of all of the large Raw Vegan Fruit Festivals going on in 2014. From personal experience and hearing what other people have said about these events, no matter which ones you go to, you’ll have a blast of a time!

1. Woodstock Fruit Festivalwoodstock fruit festival

Location: New York

Summary: The Woodstock Fruit Festival is the largest and most popular raw vegan Fruit Festival there is! People fly in from all over the world to come and enjoy time with other fruit lovers while experiencing high quality lectures and classes from experienced pioneers.

There is an abundance of fruit with a 24/7 buffet, and excellent dinners created by seasoned raw chefs. In 2013 there were 600 people attending, and the festival is projected to continue to grow. This is by far one the #1 Fruit Festival that you don’t want to miss. Check out my Review Of Woodstock Fruit Festival 2013.

Date: August 17 – August 31 2014



raw fruit festival2. Raw Fruit Festival

Location: Spain

Summary: “The Festival is meant to be a place for meeting new friends, while enjoying activities in nature during the week. The organizers deliberately chose not to plan formal talks.

We do not wish to promote anyone’s particular message, and we prefer to let participants draw their own conclusions from their experiences and conversations, to talk and/or to listen freely.”

Date: August 31 – September 6 2014


fresh food festival

3. Fresh Food Festival

Location: Denmark

Summary: “Come and join the amazing Fresh Food Festival in Denmark in northern Europe from the 17-20th of July 2014. It is a yearly event that celebrates the principles of raw food 80/10/10 style and a healthy way of living. At the festival, you can enjoy a variety of lectures, sports activities and socializing with other like-minded people, as well as enjoying delicious meals of fresh, ripe, raw fruits and vegetables.

It is an international festival where everything is in English and we hope to see people from all over the world again this year. The festival was first started back in 2009 and this year it is going to be better than ever.”

Date: July 17 – July 20 2014


4. Fruit & Health Festival

Location: Slovenia

Summary: The Slovenian Fruit & Health Festival is a yearly festival that helps promote the 80/10/10 diet in Europe. Well known 80/10/10 speakers such as Doug Graham, Chris Kendall, and Rosalind Graham will be giving lectures. Chef Alicia Ojeda will be creating delicious low fat raw vegan meals with high quality produce. If you live in Europe and Woodstock Fruit Festival is too far for you to travel, this is definitely a great choice.

Date: July 31 – August 3 2014



5. Thai Fruit FestivalThai Fruit Fest

Location: Thailand

Summary: “A glorious unity of like minded conscious fruity vegans getting together in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The Thai Fruit Festival!”

Date: July 1 – July 15 2014



UK Fruit Fest

6. UK Fruit Festival

Location: United Kingdom

Summary: “Following on from the fabulous success of FruitCampUK we are pleased to announce: UKFruitFest for 2014. For all the latest information regarding dates, location, speakers and much more please join the group.”

Date: June 25 – June 29



And those are the 6 largest Raw Vegan Fruit Festivals of 2014. If I missed any other festivals please let me know and I’ll add them to the list. Don’t forget to share this with a friend who is on the Raw Vegan Lifestyle so that they too can have a blast in 2014!

Hope to see you at one of these festivals!

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