Fruit Festivals Of 2015


Now that 2015 is here, why not get started on planning your travels for the year! There are tons of great Fruit Festivals going on, but it’s not all that easy to find them all. To help you out, I’ve created a list of the Raw Vegan Fruit Festivals going on in 2015. Don’t miss out going […]

Sweet & Juicy Raw Cucumber Rolls – Easy Raw Vegan Recipes

cuc rolls-600wd

These sweet & juicy raw cucumber rolls are one of my favorite easy raw vegan recipes! With only 3 ingredients & a 10 minute prep time, how can it get better than that? All you need is a cutting board, a veggie peeler, and a knife! Deceivingly simple, this easy raw vegan recipe is packed […]

The Philosophy Of Health & A Raw Vegan Diet

The philosophy of health which you choose is the backbone of your health, fitness, and happiness. Almost every single health movement out there, though they may preach completely different paths to become healthy, all have a very similar underlying philosophy of health. This philosophy is taught from day 1 and is one of the largest […]

How To Enjoy Health And Fitness

Learning how to enjoy health and fitness is one of the most vital skills for your success. Working to become healthier or exercise more is great, but can you maintain it long-term? The majority of people I see getting started in improving their lifestyle eventually fail because they only focused on short-term motivation. Understanding how […]

Is It Hard To Be 100% Raw?

Is being 100% Raw really as hard as most people make it out to be? I often see many people discouraged from ever trying to go 100% raw just because some prolific health guru says it’s almost impossible. The biggest issue that it usually comes down to is finding good quality produce at a cheap price. Living […]

Does Water Fasting Make You Fat Via “Metabolic Damage”?

The notion that water fasting makes you fat has become very prevalent in the online world. The basic idea is that through water fasting you cause yourself to undergo “Metabolic Damage” which causes your body to store as many calories as possible into fat. The evidence that tends to be cited for this theory is […]

Woodstock Fruit Festival 2014 Review

The Woodstock Fruit Festival is an event that I have come to love year after year. Every moment spent at the festival is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow, especially with all of the amazing people attending. It is hard to ever have a boring moment and the possibilities of what you can do seem […]

Thailand Adventures Episode 9 – Exploring The Island Of Ko Chang


In this episode of my fruity Thailand Adventures I got to explore the beautiful Island of Ko Chang. Ko Chang has many sandy beaches filled with a plethora of unique wildlife (especially jellyfish!). The fruit was high quality overall, especially considering we got to forage several local organic sprouted coconuts. From beautiful beaches to tasty […]