Arguments For Veganism – How To Convince Someone To Go Vegan

The best argument to convince someone to go vegan is no argument.

Sounds contradictory doesn’t it?

When we become a vegan, it becomes so clear to us that the world really needs to change! What we have been doing is wrong and there really is no need to do it. Because of this we get so excited and ready to push the vegan message onto the world.

As it should come with no surprise, we encounter tons of resistance. Because of the resistance, we start searching for arguments for veganism. I know I did this personally.

I thought that if I knew just the right arguments for veganism to use to respond to people, I could convince them to become vegan. I would spend hours of my time thinking about how to respond to every single thing someone could come up with. I conjured the perfect arguments for veganism that were logical and would definitely convince people.

The problem is that they never worked.

Countless times I had tried using well thought-out arguments that I KNEW would have people start thinking differently and making a change, yet nothing happened.

Looking back at it all, it makes complete sense why the best arguments for veganism, is no argument at all. To find out why this is, watch the video below.

After Watching This Video:

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