The #1 Benefit Of Durian

Durian is by far one of the most unique fruits in the world.

It originates from South-East Asia, and famed as The King Of Fruit.

Right off the bat its spiky exterior and large size will catch your attention. However, long before you will see it, you will definitely smell it.

Durian is predominately known for it’s strong odour, sometimes compared to garbage, and is even banned in some public places in South-East Asia because of it. Personally I enjoy the smell, but it’s definitely not something most people are use to.

Inside of the Durian are multiple sections, with big pods of flesh inside. Depending on the size of the Durian, you will generally get as little as 2, or as many as 5 pods inside of one. When a durian is ripe, the flesh will be extremely soft and creamy. When eating a durian, an explosion of amazingly sweet flavour fills your mouth.

#1 Benefit Of Durian

The Inside Of A Durian

If you’ve had a durian before, you are probably thinking that the biggest benefit of Durian is obviously it’s incredible flavour. Though I am a die-hard fan of it’s taste, I wouldn’t say that it is the most important benefit of Durian.

Since it is a fruit, it must be really high in vitamins, right? It is true that Durian is high in nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin and Thiamin, but at the same time there are tons of other ways of getting those very vitamins, even without Durian. Not something that really deserves the title of #1 benefit of Durian. This is the King Of Fruit we are talking about after all.

So What Is The #1 Benefit Of Durian?

From all of my experiences, the true #1 benefit of Durian is how it brings people together. Durian is one of the only fruit that really has a social culture surrounding it. When you sit down with others who love the fruit just as much as you do, you create long-lasting bonds and have a seriously enjoyable time. The flavour of the fruit simply puts a smile on your face, and when you can share something so remarkable with others, it’s impossible for anyone to be in a bad mood. I feel that it was highly likely that eating Durian with others was something that we evolved doing. It may have even been one of the catalysts that pushed us into becoming such social creatures.

If you are interested in hearing more about my personal thoughts about why Durian is so great, and what the best way for you to get some to try out, watch the video below.

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